Garlic Pepper Chicken with Noodles

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I am a sucker for spicy foods. I like things hot so I have been trying to make do while on the 24 Day Challenge by adding various peppers to meals or by adding a homemade sriracha sauce to different meals. Tonight I realized that one of my favorite meals when out at local Chinese buffets is a spicy Pepper Chicken that is basically jalapenos, chicken, onions, and sauce, so I figured I would try my hand at creating a cleanse-friendly version and think I hit a home run!

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    Garlic Pepper Chicken with Noodles
  • Clean, quick, and easy Garlic Pepper Chicken with Noodles.
Servings Prep Time Cook Time
2 people 10 minutes 30 minutes


Servings: people


  1. Clean the veggies, peel the onion and garlic, and remove the seeds and stem from the jalapenos. Then chop them up.
  2. Preheat saute pan on medium heat
  3. Oil the saute pan with an all natural cooking spray and then add the chopped chicken breast.
  4. Fill a medium sauce pan 1/2 way with water, once at a boil add noodles.
  5. Occasionally turn the chicken until no pink is visible (shown here) and then add chopped onions, garlic, and peppers
  6. Add sweet basil to the chicken, onions, garlic, and pepper mix and then mix it all up (shown here). Once stirred place cover on the pan.
  7. Once noodles have finished cooking strain them, but do not rinse them (you want some of the starchiness to soak up flavors when you mix with the veggies).
  8. Add the noodles to the veggie mix and stir generously. After stirring for 2-3 minutes you're ready to serve!

Liquid Aminos All Purpose Seasoning is the best!

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So, if you’re like our family at all, you love Asian cuisine. One of the things we love especially about Asian food is soy sauce, but store bought Soy Sauce is often loaded with chemicals and other things (sugars, alcohol, etc.) that are no no’s on the 24 Day Challenge. However we were very excited to learn about a soy sauce substitute called Liquid Aminos. This stuff is made from all natural Soy (it is the only ingredient on the bottle), however it is strong. I suggest watering it down a little when you use it, but it makes an excellent substitute for our family. If you want to buy some today AdvoHelp recommends buying this product from Amazon, here is a link:

yummy quinoa

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roasted garlic quinoa

I’m always looking for a tasty, easy to make, complex carb that I don’t feel I have to add butter or other flavoring to.  Today I tried Roland’s Roasted Garlic Quinoa.  It was really good and super easy to make!  Paired with a salad and turkey breast it was very enjoyable!