Found a 10 day cleanse/24 day challenge yummy soup!

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So I’ve found it pretty hard to find pre-made foods that are clean enough for the 10 day cleanse portion of the 24 day challenge.  I decided to try a few soups by the McDougall’s brand.  They have very few ingredients, all of which are “allowed” and are all natural.  I decided to try the Black Bean soup first. After shaking and opening the container by just tearing on the dotted line as the box suggests, I looked in and was happy that it looked and smelled good!  I decided to heat it on the stovetop to give it the best chance of being yummy.  I also decided to add some ground turkey I had already prepared to make sure I had enough protein.  I put it at a low heat and covered it.  I stirred a few times and when it was bubbling a bit, I poured it into a large bowl (warning the full box will overflow a small bowl).  I made sure it was cool enough to eat and took a bite and was soooo happy!  A flavorful meal that was easy to make!  This is now something I eat almost daily in the 10 day cleanse/24 day challenge, and will continue eating after it’s done!  In the grocery store it can be found in the organic section and is pretty expensive, I love Amazon for having it for such a great deal!  Subscribe and save? Yes please!

I loved it so much, I tried the Lentil soup, and yep!  Super good!  Black bean is still my fav, but I’ll have both on hand at all times!



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